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Essential Road Trip Packing List: 2020 Edition

The United States has changed in key ways in the past decade. Demographic shifts and technological advancements have redefined our lifestyles—for the better and worse.  

While a lot of things have changed, classic road trips are still in fashion. Here’s an essential road trip packing list that you might find useful:

Essential Road Trip Packing List

  • Vehicle Documents: Make sure to keep your license and registration, a copy of your car insurance policy, and the car’s manual with you.
  • Emergency Tools: Always keep a spare tire, roadside emergency kit, flashlight, reflective vest, and warning lights in your car’s trunk.
  • Supplies: Buy a first-aid kit that has basic supplies like band aid and anti-septic wipes. Also, stock up a few toilet rolls and a water gallon.
  • Mobile chargers/USB cables: Keep mobile chargers and USB cables so you can charge your phone if runs out of the juice.
  • WIFI device: A portable Wi-Fi device will keep you connected to the internet where the mobile network signals aren’t strong.
  • Camera: If your smartphone camera doesn’t take good photos, keep a camera handy to take pictures of your road trip.
  • Comfort kit: Travel pillow, sunglasses, UV window shades, mints, and flip flops will make your road trip more comfortable and relaxing.
  • Personal care kit: Create a personal care kit which has toothbrush, facewash, body wipes, sun screen, comb, and other essentials.
  • Snacks and drinks: Load up a lot of healthy snacks like granola bars, energy drinks, and water bottles. Buy a car cooler to store food items safely.
  • COVID-19 kit: Last, but not the least, keep face masks, hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, gloves, and pulse oximeter in your bag pack.A male photographer taking photos.

Ensuring Road Safety during the road trip

If you have planned a long road trip with your family or friends, it’s highly recommended that at least two group members know how to drive a car and are licensed to drive legally. Both drivers can take turns during the trip to stay fresh and rest without having to make several stops. It will also prevent them from burning out and losing concentration.

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